First Woodworking project

I fell into wood working this weekend. Purchased this big, heavy wood block for $20 on craigslist. It needed some TLC to get it right.

After a quick trip to Home Depot I had the supplies necessary to get it in tip top shape. Purchased some sanding paper (80, 120, 220, and 400 grit) as well as some wax. Sanding down the board took about an hour. It was sweaty and dusty but felt great.

Waxing was fairly easy. I put a lot of wax for the very first layer. Waited about 30 minutes then buffed the wax. I repeated the process 3 times on each side. After that I left the board overnight to dry. This morning was great

All in all it was a great first project. The board came out great. For only $20 initial investment + sandpaper + $10 wax turned out beautiful (though I might be biased). It was my first project but probably not my last. Requirements

Goal — Develop a ReactJS budgeting application with database backend (postgresql or couchbase/noSQL solution).

The application will help track income, spending, and investments. It will handle multiple credit card accounts, checking accounts, saving accounts, and investment accounts. The user will have the ability to tag transactions for easier categorization. There will be weekly, monthly, yearly reports by transaction type and/or tag


  • Accounts:
    • checking
    • saving
    • investment
  • Transactions (all should be editable fields)
    • Spending
    • Income
    • Investment
    • Tags
    • Categories