About Me

I am a hard working and dedicated individual. Currently I am employed by Cvent Inc where I help support the Event product line. I deal with hundreds of support tickets per week from our customer service department. I troubleshoot issues, find and document bugs and do my best to keep everyone happy. A few months ago I was made the Event group leader. I am now in charge of distributing work to newer team members, keeping an eye on high priority issues and making sure that less urgent work is transferred to our India office for off hours support. All in all, I ensure that people’s event process goes smoothly.

In my free time I love seeing local comedians. There is nothing like laughing, enjoying a good time and supporting local artists. I am lucky that there are a variety of clubs in my area. I welcome the opportunity to go see national headliners, SNL cast members and people whose first time it is to try stand up.

Frequently I travel up and down the East coast. Weekend trips to Lancaster, Baltimore, or the Jersey Shore are oft occurring. Less frequent, but just as enjoyable are my trips to see my parents in San Francisco (especially when it is winter here)