Ecobee + Heat Pump

This is my second winter with a heat pump and an ecobee (first year with ecobee4 since last year it was determined my ecobee3 was the problem). I have read the git guide and changed my settings but it seems like the heat pump can’t keep up and ecobee turns on the AUX a lot (about 6 hours).
[Ecobee screenshot]([Beestats 1 day]([Beestats 3 days](
My settings are:

setting namevalue
compressor min cycle off600 seconds
compressor min outdoor temp0F
Aux heat max outdoor temp30F
heat diff temp1F (was higher but it was 63f when the room was set to 65)
aux min on time5 min
compressor min on time5 min
compressor to aux temp delta3F
compressor to aux runtime-not used (greyed out)- 60 minutes
aux reverse stagingOn

Im tempted to go back to my dumb thermostat. It seemed to handle winters better (when I switched to it after the ecobee3 crapped out).
My heatpump is a Goodman GSZ140301KD and im outside of Washington DC.
Any help tips, help or suggestions is appreciated

**UPDATE**I changed Aux Reverse Staging to OFF. Now the Compressor to Aux Runtime is not grayed out. I set that to 60 minutes. I am also considering lowering the compressor min cycle off time to 300 seconds. In 600 seconds the temperature drops by about 1F and I don think the HP alone will able able to maintain/increase the temperature (at least why it’s 30F outside)

***UPDATE 2 ***For troubleshooting I ended up installing the dumb thermostat (this will let me see what temp i get from the vents when Aux is off with another thermostat). Also if i call the HVAC company it will save me 80 bucks of them installing it. is the wiring for the old themostat is how the ecobee was wired

Here’s the home efficiency graph –

***UPDATE 3***

Turns out there’s an issue with the actual heat pump. I switched back to my old thermostat and inserted a DIY temperature sensor into the closest vent to the system in the house. I noticed that the temperature in the vent increased every ~15 minutes which i assumed meant AUX. As soon as AUX turned off the temperature dropped. I ended up using about 120KWh for a day 🙁

The HVAC guy came today and ran some tests. He found the pressure in the heat pump was not correct. He looked into the machine and found that one of the pipes has a hole in it and that’s letting the pressure out. The way I understand it is that the system calls for heat on the HP that tries to work but the pressure drops too low so it sends it to AUX then AUX warms up the house, when it’s finished it sends power back to the HP which repeats the cycle.

AUX + HP temperatures —

AUX (emergency heat only) —

As of now I’m running on Emergency Heat (which at least seems to have higher temps and actually shuts off for a few minutes every now and again). The fix will cost $1500 (:cry:)

This is what needs to be done:

  • Recovery any Refrigerant that may remains into the system.
  • Removed old broken Capilar pipe
  • Removed old Filter Drier and Install a New Filter Drier.
  • Added Nitrogen to clean system and used to brace New Capilar Pipe.
  • Vacuum the System.
  • Recharged system with R-410A 95 onces (about 6 lbs of R-410A).