Reviving the RX100M3

I am preparing for a long trip so I decided to upgrade my camera’s firmware. I downloaded the updater and followed the instructions on my mac. Unfortunately halfway through the process, the upgrade failed and the updater instructed me to disconnect the camera, reconnect it and try again (this was against all the warnings to never disconnect the camera while the upgrade is underway).

I disconnected the camera and it never turned on again. The screen was black, the viewfinder wasn’t powering on and the lens wasn’t extending. I thought the camera was dead. The only sign of life was a green light for the power indicator and a red light next to the battery and SD card slot. I kept trying to redo the upgrade by the updater did not recognize my camera. I tried on OSX, Windows 10 and Windows 10 running in virtual box on OSX. Nothing worked.

I was losing hope thinking that my up until recently great camera was bricked forever. I read many forum posts and they all suggested to keep trying. I did and nothing worked. 

As a last ditch effort I decided to experiment with the updaters’ exe file. I wasn’t sure if anything would actually happen but it was worth trying to save my camera. 

These are the steps that helped me revive my beloved RX100:

  1. download the Update_DSCRX100M3V200.exe
  2. right click the exe and extract it
  3. go to the resource folder
  4. right click SPUFirmwareUpdater.exe and select run as administrator
  5. the updater finally saw my camera continued the firmware upgrade

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